About Me

Documenting the saucy, and the sentimental in my backyard and abroad is my kind of wonderful.

Born and raised between two cherry orchards in beautiful Norfolk County, my small town upbringing has had an irreversible impact on me. How I approach all I do, and the ease I find in relating to others. For over 16 years, I’ve been chasing the honest stories, the unpretentious, the gut-aching laughter and gorgeous lives I have the pleasure of witnessing. And here you have my main jam, my reason. Celebrating the beauty between the lines, the people in front of me, behind my lens and beyond.

Aka, I am the annoying person you meet on the elevator who is asking what floor you’d like, prior to your morning latte. But I’m also the person who takes great care in ensuring my community, my people, feel at ease and celebrated as they are.

Change has been constant over my career as a photographer

but my approach hasn’t. Presence, and collaboration are my keys to success. There is no rulebook, no set of prompts, no blanket solutions.

My deep love of humans and art collided at a tender age, combining several mediums to explore my relationships with those around me. This eventually led to my educational pursuit of Fine Art at UWO, and then a diploma in creative photography in Toronto, where I resided for 9 years afterward. While I enjoy all the city has to offer, I prefer retiring in the grass when I can help it (but my GOD I miss good sushi).

When I’m not photographing for work, you can find me photographing for pleasure. When I’m not photographing for pleasure, you’ll find me roaming a forest trail, hot yoga class, or curled up with my boothang binging thrillers.

Still want to know more?

I'm not going to try and sell you on me, that's just not my style. I'm not a "salesy" person - honestly it gives me the heebie-jeebies - and I never got how telling you that I like latte's and the sand between my toes is a good pitch to be be your photographer (I mean, I do love lattes, I'm just violently lactose intolerant).

So I'm going to give you the facts and give you and your partner the space to consider and discuss one of the most important decisions of your wedding in peace.

If you've loves what you've seen so far and would like to explore working together, here's what you'll be getting

The Facts

about yours truly

1. A truly seasoned photographer that is going to work her whole ass off to make your day as spectacular as possible. Someone with a career spanning over 16 years of professional photography experience, over 300 weddings under her belt, and several international publications. Someone who knows this is likely your first rodeo, and is happy to take the reigns—timelines are my jam!

2. A photographer who is borderline-neurotic about the small, yet important details, so you don’t have to be.

3. A photographer who knows that this wedding may be no small investment, and vows to use every dollar to make your wedding photos, and experience, more gorgeous than your wildest imagination.

4. Someone who has heaps of experience shooting in venues from The Four Seasons, to barn parties and basements. Adaptable, and prepared for anything.

5. Someone whose love of the service industry bleeds into everything she does—I STILL say “hot-behind” in my own house. I treat your entire party like family, even the ones you’re going to warn me are difficult or shy, because they’re important to you ❤

6. Someone who’s love of psychology makes her great at wearing ALL the hats. All personalities are welcome here. Got a family member that will surely terrorize you the day of? Who may or may not be your own sweet mother? Don’t worry. I’ve got you, and her! From conception to completion of your day, I will be there to hold your hand through the stressful bits, the joyful bits, and emotional bits, and everything in between. There’s a lot of moving parts to this, and I’ve got a chapeau for each one.

7. Someone who is going to manage your expectations—who KNOWS her stuff, and how fast your wedding is going to fly by. I’ll be there to slow you down, remind you to breathe, and take it all in.

8. Someone who has a special place in her heart for your youngest, and your oldest.. I cannot guarantee I will not invite myself over for tea at Gran’s after the fact.

9. Someone who thinks your family photos are more important than creating images for her portfolio—while still making your whole fam look like they belong in pages of amagazine.

10. Rowdy bridal party? No problem.. herding cats is my specialty

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